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Real People

A business will inevitably encounter problems at some point in time in anything they do, and nothing is more challenging than dealing with dial systems and call-in queues to resolve those problems. The credit card processing industry is notorious for this kind of setup. The typical experience merchants have is being passed around from department to department wasting precious time trying to fix something with inexperienced representatives. Instead of the above scenario, with Affinity24, you will instantly be directed to a real person who will guide you precisely in the required direction. Whether it is a technical or account issue, chargeback, software training, or just a general question, Affinity24 will walk you through it all.

Real Partnership

Aren't you tired of shallow partnerships? Aren't you fed up with the minimum service required to just meet the status quo? That all changes with Affinity24. We differ from the norm because we actually invest in your company since we see the relationship in a long term light. It is difficult to come by a credit card processing company that actually attends industry events and trade shows. That is the level we are invested at. We want you to be successful because that directly results in our company's success. Our mission ultimately is to serve the merchant first.

Real Rates

One of the most effective ways to a peace of mind is having partners you can trust. With Affinity24, our pricing and rates are completely transparent and straight forward. No longer do you have to waste time and energy verifying if something is being done or billed correctly. You can trust Affinity24 to get the job done with honor and integrity. From the start, your merchant account setup and pricing will clearly be outlined, leaving little room for uncertainty. From there, those rates will be locked, never changing for the life of the account. No more banks, processors, or other providers randomly sending notices with rate increases. That will be a thing of the past, and you can focus your efforts on important things for your business.

Real Network

We already have an extensive list of pleased merchants in the spa, salon, and wellness space. The below is just a minimal scope of that list, with each company having witnessed our level of service firsthand. Whether it is technical support at a trade show or discussing processing setups in the after hours over the phone, the companies below highly recommend our services. If you don't believe us, just take it directly from them in the testimonial video above.

Celluma by Biophotas

Hale & Hush

Instantly Ageless

Nova Skin & Medidermik


Our Process

Cost Savings Assessment

Provide our company with your most recent two months of processing statements for analysis and proposal on savings.

Software Needs Assessment

Provide our company with the softwares used to operate and manage your business. This will help us determine the best point of integration.

Boarding Process Begins

After the savings have been reviewed and integration has been confirmed, final documents are collected for boarding.

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